Visit to Orlando - Aug2005
Jimmy. Joshua. Julia - where's her popsicle?
Cinderrelli. Group reading time. Josh makes sure Speedy can see the pics.
Joshua and Speedy. "I wanna hold Speedy!" Jimmy and Speedy.
More group reading. Josh and Julia checking the popups. Angelic devil.
Mommy and daughter book time. You are getting sleepy... Jimmy and Speedy.
The new pet in the house. Who's Randle?
My mom surprised Randal Randle with an early birthday cake.
Making a wish. Turtle celebrated with his own food. If you build it, the 65-incher will come.
Jim and Randal working on finishing the entertainment center.
After a year, it's mostly complete. My brudder and hubby.
Brad, Kim, Julie. Jules and T. My brother thinks it's his birthday.
Cameron and T. T and Brad. Brad, Kim, T.
Jules and T - you can never be too careful. T's new purse? Donnie, Brad, Randal playing poker.
Poker time - Laura, Donnie, Kim, Randal, Brad, T, Desmond.
Julie and T. My brudder.

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