Anna Ruby Falls-Helen, GA

Very large tree growing out of a rock.Cousin!
Another for my cousin, slightly less obvious.The lower base of one of the falls.
The other fall.
Closer view of the other fall.More complete view of the first fall.
Along the hiking trail.Randal and a very, very large tree.
Closeup of Randal and the very, very large tree.Lady bug.
Red starry flower.Beetle.
Spring in a hidden niche in the side of the trail.Little inchworm that was so cute.
Snail.Moth-like-thing, closest I got to a butterfly.
Me & Boy, self-portrait.On the way back this was as far as the snail had gotten.
A Boy & A Rock.Isn't he just a cutie?!
Tree root.Same tree root.
Shhhh, hiding.There he is!
What a pretty red hoppy-toad.I wish I could remember what that woman called this. me if you know what it is.
So pretty.Helen, Ga is a little Alpian/Bavarian style town.
All the buildings follow this style, even the tatoo shop.And putt-putt.
Some of the prettier houses.My favorite house.
The bank.A building on the main street.

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