See My Barnyard Friends!


These are my horsies, Sierra (front) and Ci Ci (back) (although since i don't really like those names, i renamed them Horsie and Lil Horsie).Ci Ci grazing while Sierra is saddled.
Size perspective picture.Closeup of Ci Ci.
Ci Ci trotting at me.Kayla riding Sierra with Randal (i apparently was not holding the camera very still).
Me getting into the saddle. Poor Sierra.Me riding Sierra.
Close up of me riding Sierra.Closer up of me riding Sierra.


Goatlet wanting out of his pasture.Goatlet wary of my closeness.
Goatlets.Goatlet posing pretty.
Courting goatlets.I got a goatlet!
Smile for the camera, goatlet.This little goatlet thought it could hide in the dog house.
Silly goatlet, you're not a dog.Goatlet gives up on dog house retreat.
Poor, poor disabled goatlet.His poor little hind legs are deformed.
They are bent backward so he walks on his two front legs and the hind ones stick up behind him.Four goatlets on a tray.
The big meanie momma wouldn't stay still long enough for the deformed one to nurse.Streeeeeetch.

RIP Poor Lil Goatlet

the poor, disabled goatlet passed away just days after these pictures were taken. Please remember him fondly.
Kayla got a new kitten, Precious. She thinks she's a Garfield window hanger.Alright, it's not exactly barnyard, and not Wedowee (Winter Park, FL), but they are sooo cute.

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