Hurricane Charley - Aug2004

Randal is blown away (during). Jonna's only real damage. Shingleless.
Screenless. Yes, those are the tree tops sitting at the base of the trees. Shingleless.
Hanging light. Powerlines resting on walls. Snapped power poles.
Snapped poles far as the eye can see. Powerline-wall-trampoline anyone? Streetlight sticking up in backyard.
Holding down the line. Take a bow.
Pole vs. Brick Wall. Wall didn't stop this tree. What neighborhood entrance?
Pole wins! Displaced wildlife.
Open attic. Air mail.
Mailbox surrenders. Navigating the streets.
Where to begin? Sidewalks surrender.
Roots in the air. Concrete streetlight gets clobbered by tree.
Slow progress with a handsaw.
No way around it.
Hurricane monster, It? Roots, sod - package deal. Yes, that is a truck under that tree.
Ooh, and a van too. This was a street and culdesac. And this was Jonna's in-laws' driveway.
More driveway. Joshua, Kirsten, Jonna, Jimmy. Meagan and Julia.
Julia, Kirsten, Joshua. Julia strains herself for the cleanup effort. Julia, Meagan, Joshua, Kirsten, Jimmy, Randal, Jim, .
Holloway/Dawson Tree Removal Services. Wholistic approach to home decor. Cut the headboard in half.
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