T & Julie's Labor Day Visit 2004

My brudder, T, his chick, Julie, and their friends, Bobby, Desmond, and Rocky came up to visit us for Labor Day weekend. It was a camping and rafting visit. We were only able to play with them through the weekend, but they had the whole week. We camped and rafted the Ocoee in Tennessee with Adventures Unlimited. This was the first time we did a full day on the river, and while the Olympic course isn't quite as good as the middle river, it was a great trip. I would definitely recommend the full day. Later in the week, they went on to raft the Chatooga in South Carolina. Perhaps next time we'll be able to do the Chatooga too.
If Rocky or Bobby happen to be looking, please scan and the pics of us rafting to me so that I can post those too.
:- Thanks.
Julie and T. Rocky, Desmond, Randal, Bobby. Rocky, Desmond, Bobby, Randal.
Rocky and Desmond. Desmond, T, Bobby, Rocky, Julie. I was trying to squat for Rocky.
Rocky, Bobby, Julie, Desmond, T. Scenery on the drive up. The Ocoee River turned off.
The Olympic bridge. Bobby, Desmond, Randal playing in the empty river.
The rocks are under when the water's on. T, Julie, Rocky. Julie and Rocky.
Find the praying manits. Pretty. Bobby pitches his tent.
Desmond and Rocky tenting (background) while T and Julie finish. Bobby and T let there be light.
T, Rocky, Bobby's rear. Fence posts. Let there be flamage.
Fire! Julie and Bobby breaking camp. Rocky cleaning the kitchen.
T and Bobby. Julie emptying the tent. Resting.
Randal packing our tent. Bobby, T, Rocky. Julie.
T. Randal. Julie.
Watching the Kayakers. Julie, Bobby, Desmond, Randal, T, Rocky. Hell's Hole, where Bobby rode the bull.
Kayaker in Hell's Hole. Julie and T.
Bobby, Rocky, me, Julie, T, Desmond. Raft going through Hell's Hole. Rocky, Desmond, T, Bobby.
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