T/Julie's Memorial Day Visit 052705-053005
Amicalola Falls. T showing Julie the falls?
Julie & T. Below the falls. Hiking up to the falls.
Amicalola Falls. Randal on the bridge below the falls.
The gang on the bridge. Julie, Randal, Bobbie, T, Kendra.
Randal & me. Looking down from the bridge. T & Julie.
Amicalola Falls. Randal & T hunting rocks.
Below the falls. Bobbie waiting patiently. The gang outside the Ocoee olympic center.
T building the fire. At the campsite. Comfy hubby.
Campsite horseshoes.
Ringer anyone? Ocoee olympic center with the water off.
Same area as above with the water running. One of the rapids.
DeSoto Lower Falls. T & Julie at DeSoto.
Kendra, me, T, Julie, Bobbie. T & Julie hiking to the upper falls. Randal, T, & the rest.
DeSoto Upper Falls. Kendra, me, Randal, Julie, T, Bobbie.
My hubby & me. DeSoto creek. My boy fishing.
Fishing Randal. Julie & Kendra skipping rocks.
Bobbie fishing. T fishing (Randal & Bobbie across the lake)
Randal & Bobbie fishing. T fishing. Julie watching.

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