New Year 2005!

This was our best New Year yet. On New Year's Eve, we decided to head to the mountains to try my legs at some snowskiing again. I'm pleased to say that I did much better than I did 5 years ago. After the first couple of hours, I dare say I even started to enjoy it. We had a great time. On New Year's Day, we found a detour on the way home that was supposed to have some waterfalls. They turned out to be some of the prettier falls we've seen. Glenn Falls was especially nice because it was a 2 mile hike but every time you turned back toward the water, there was a different fall there. It was such a nice and rewarding hike. Even with my legs still screaming from skiing. The whole weekend was just wonderful. It was a great way to ring in our first new year as a married couple.

New Year's Eve - Snowskiing at Cataloochee, NC

Look! It's me! I'm SKIING!!!
Quite pleased with myself. We welcome our 1st married new year.

New Year's Day - Hiking the NC Highlands

Beautiful, unnamed fall by the side of the road.
Dry Falls
The cool thing about Dry Falls is that you can walk behind them. Who sees a Randal?
Looking behind and through Dry Falls
The happy hikers - Glenn Falls. Falling straight down.
Fake plastic trees.
Randal. Grand vistas. Me.
Me with Glenn Falls.
Who's that s-e-x-x-y hiker?
Did I mention Grand Vistas?
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