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Putt Putt

rhena laughing at lil rachel as she tries to fly while rach gets ready to putt.rach, jim, me, lil rachel, rhena.
me making a creative putt with lil rachel and rhena looking on.apparently i was watching the grass grow while rach ran up the steps.
looks like rach, me, and jim.jim, lil rach, dad, rhena.
jim, lil rach, dad, rhena.jim and lil rach.
dad watching jim help lil rach putt.not the better side of me.
don't even know what dad's doing.once more, why ask questions.
rhena after her second hole-in-one.lil rach seeking affection.
oh yeh, that's attractive.definitely not dad's better side.


jimmy.going so fast, i couldn't keep up with him.
josh.how cute is he?
julia.sooo adorable.
high heels and ducks, who does she take after?jimmy - i believe football tackling the door.
jimmy as a clifford the big red dog.this duck popped up in the playroom.
it kept popping up all over.i followed it around to record it in it's natural habitat.
the duckie revealed - it's julia!
the night that rach and jim came over - joshua, julia, jimmy.jonna proving her dish-washing prowess, with her eyes closed.
jonna wondering why rachel just took a pic of her.jim, a toast with his ice cream.
joshua and jimmy.jonna getting sweet lil julia a drink.
could she be any cuter?jim, very pleased to be having another pic taken.
nope, couldn't even tell you.but apparently the ice cream made me happy.
joshua, julia, jimmy.julia playing puppy.
joshua, julia, jimmy.joshua, julia, jimmy.

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