Orlando Visit 031205-031905

T & Julie (& Taz) in their new apartment.
Is that a Dawson I see? Jimmy in outfield. Jimmy waits to bat.
Jimmy at bat. "Gramma Joan" & Julia.
Jimmy & mommy. Jimmy up close and personal.
Close encounters of the Julia kind. Joshua waiting to bat. Joshua's field stance.
Joshua in the field. Joshua at bat.
Joshua behind the plate. The proud parents.
Dawson, Lukawitz, & Holloway construction. Does a Randal come standard with the entertainment center? T & Julie acting like they don't know there's work going on.
Julie waves for the camera. Randal the happy wall troll. T, Julie, Rhena, Jonna.
Sienna & Scamp playing in shantytown. Hard at work.
Team work. Hey, when you're staying with 2 adults, 3 kids, and 3 cats, you're happy to have a guest room at all.
Does it look like an entertainment center yet?
Goats gone wagoning. Rhena loving on Scamp.

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