Stone Mountain with Dad/Rhena

We had our first visitors from Orlando. Dad and Rhena showed up at our door Tuesday night. We visited a while and went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Wednesday morning they came back and we went to Stone Mountain together. We hiked around a bit and had a good time. Stone Mountain is the largest exposed granite rock in the world and has the biggest high-relief carving.
The carving as seen from the parking lot.The whole rock as seen from the parking lot.
Rachel's recent photography inspired me.The last one is much better, my favorite even.
Chubby little squirrel.Chubby little squirrel slightly closer.
The carving from the viewing area.Closeup of the carving. I believe it's Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and the Sherman guy who burnt everything. Yes, this is the South.
Atlanta as seen from one side of the Mountain.Randal and I.
There were birds soaring all around in front of us.Unfortunately, them soaring doesn't make for a very clear picture.
Atlanta as seen from the other side of the mountain.Another blurry bird.
Pretty path off the hiking trail.Me and Randal in the Jail Wagon
More floral photography.Cousin, this is what you need to plant around the house. So prettypurpleshiny!
Dad thinks the wall is talking to him.Dad and Rhena.
Closeup of Dad and Rhena.Randal reminiscing over a similar wagon of his grandpa's.
I like purple flowers in case you haven't noticed.This bird was doing a funny little mating dance for some unidentified female.
Magnolia tree bloom.Blooming magnolia tree bloom, i think this one is pretty.
More purple flowers.

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