Christmas 2003

Disney Christmas - 6Dec03

Goofy and Me. Um...Jonna and Jimmy put on a dramatic reenactment of Oedipus? Jonna and Julia.
Three monkeys out of their cage - Joshua, Julia, Jimmy. Mission Space. Mission Space.

Dad's Lights

Dad spends a lot of time putting up lights and proudly sent me proof of his labor. Can you find the mouse?
Right side. Frontal view. left side.

Wedowee Christmas - 24Dec03

CJ looking at Kerry holding Meagan. Kayla holding (forgive me Sara, I don't recall his name). CJ, Kerry, Meagan, Brody, Brooks.
Sara and Gma. Randal showing gift to his mom, Doug's face.
Anna Grace opening her gift. Teresa and Anna Grace. Randal, CJ, Shane.
Morgan and Kayla. Meagan and Kerry.

Dawson's Christmas - 25Dec03

Dad was kind enough to send me pictures of the family festivities that I missed in Orlando.
Jim watching Jimmy. Jim and Jim (dad/son) and Carol. Jim Sr studying the wall, Rhena watching Julia.
Joshua ripping into a gift. Joshua fixing the wheel. Jimmy must have gotten a new skateboard.
Rhena, Jonna, Julia. Julia, Mom, Jimmy, Jonna, Joshua, Jim. Julia.
Jimmy. Carol pushing Julia. Jimmy, Jim Sr, Julia, Carol.

Our First "Us" Christmas - 25Dec03

This is the first year that we've been able to go home Christmas Day and have our very own Christmas.
Our holiday hearth. All lit up and pretty. Randal showing off his fire after the opening.
After the opening.
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