Be Still My Heart

This is my husband, Randal. We've been together since August 1999 and got married the 15th of May 2004. I love my hubby, he's the most wonderful man on earth!

We do a lot of traveling. Our honeymoon in Alaska was our forty-ninth state. We finished all fifty with our trip to Hawaii in 2005. We've also been to three Canadian provinces and ten european countries together. Hiking, camping, and seeing interesting phenomenon, such as a Moonbow, are some of our favorite travel pastimes.

All my life, I wanted to go snowskiing. In February 2000, Randal was nice enough to take me to Snowshoe, WV to give it a try. Turns out that I'm not nearly as adept at snowskiing as I always dreamed I would be. The poor guy had to snowboard behind me the whole time so that he could pick up my poles and bring them to me when I fell. And I always fell. Curse my parents for moving me to Florida! I was much better at just sitting and protecting the skis while he went off and played. We've even tried it a few times since then and I'm ashamed to say I haven't gotten much any better.

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