From Whence I Came...

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Click here to see my Grandma Weber as a baby (she's the infant in her mother's lap on the left side).
This picture shows my family all together shortly after moving to Florida from New Jersey. It was actually the Christmas card that we sent home while they were having a blizzard. I don't know why on earth my parents ever felt that was a good idea to move here. While they have all adapted over the last 20 years and become full-fledged Floridians, I can not wait to get out of this state and go somewhere with seasons. I hate the heat!
This my mom, Joan. It is a little dark, but much better than any of the other pictures I have of her. By the way, if any of you know any older, wealthy men looking for love, she's a great catch! ;-)
This is my father, Richard, and his wife, Rhena. I am amazed that I was able to get this picture from him, since he always has to call me to ask how to get his pictures out of his digital camera and onto his computer. Why is it that these old folks always have to have the most up-to-date technology when they have to call their daughters every time they need to use it?
This is the most recent picture I have scanned of my brother, Todd (I call him T). It was taken when he graduated from Colonial High School 6 years ago. He looks pretty much the same now, only with long hair and a long goatee. He lives with his girlfriend Julie on the other side of town. Between that and him working so much and me being out of town so much, we don't see each other very often.
This is my sister, Jonna, her husband, Jim, and their family. I have the cutest nephews and niece in all the world. The oldest is Jimmy (middle), followed by Joshua (left), and finally Julia (right). Jimmy is finishing up 1st grade. Joshua has started playing baseball. And Julia, she is my duck lover. She learned several months ago to check her room before I left to make sure that I did not pocket any of her friends. :-)
This is me with my cousin, Rachel. She is the only extended family that I really have kept up with until very recently. All the others are still living up in New Jersey, but I stopped in for a visit with some of them on our most recent trip. Rachel and I have a unique relationship. Our mothers married our fathers, making us doubly related and, for better or worse, we are very similar because of it. Ah, the curses of blood!
Not exactly family but close enough. This is my best friend, Jenny. For political correctness I will not post my pet name for her. We have been great friends since the summer before ninth grade. She spent the greater part of this year in Taiwan, where this picture was taken, and is now living in Buffalo, NY and attending law school. I am very proud of her. She sent me this picture and I was shocked. It's been nearly a year since I have seen her and she's seems to have gotten much sexier. I miss her. She's my chick. I love her and hope that she comes back from NY often to visit.
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