Remember Our Heroic Troops!

Please Pray for Our Troops.

Casey Clouchete

Home from deployment, Jan2005. 8+ months into his tour in iraq, had the following to say about the war:
I've always loved my country and supported my military. Now is no different. Iraq posed a serious threat to the security of the US. No matter if he had WMD or not, he lead the world to believe he did. And if he didn't have them yet, I'm sure he was working on it. Was there an Iraq-al Queda link? Who knows. But I do remeber, on 9-11, they shower "the world's response" to the attacks. And Iraq, they were cheering and celebrating. In my book, that deserves an ass-whoopin'. I don't like being here, I don't think anyone does...But I hate to see people who supported the war at first, and now are here, and are against it. When I supported the war, from day one, I knew I may have to come here, I'm not going to change my mind now. If I wasn't here, some other young man would be.

Ryan Andzelik

072605 - I was informed today that Ryan is now in the Coast Guard.

Jason Pace

Home from Deployment.

Azrow Moore

Stationed in London.

Ken Spradlin

Home from Deployment.

Jamie Gray


Serica Siebers


Eric Siebers


Joseph Mitchell

Home from deployment.

Greg Jones

Home from deployment.

Jerome Holloway

Home from deployment.

Peter Garcia

Home from Afghanistan.

Jason dyer

Home from Deployment, stationed in TX.

James Abell

Evan Knock

Eugene Lewis, Jr.

David Ross

Jared Albright
Al Moore


if you know of anyone who needs to be added to this list, please me.