Alaskan Honeymoon ~ Day 2

First views of Denali from Denali State Park.
Very distant Denali. Newleyweds with Denali in distance.
Distant Denali. Randal, Denali State Park. Cascade.
Cascade and J'Lynn.
Cascade and J'Lynn.
Cascade and Randal.
Cascade and Randal. Denali clearing up.
Denali de-clouding.
Randal taking video in Denali State Park.
Denali revealing both peaks. J'Lynn, Randal, Denali.
Newleyweds. Burl. Burl wood.
Denali's Peaks. Videographer Randal.
My husband! Byer's Lake. Denali with Halo.
Denali and Byer's Lake.
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