Alaskan Honeymoon ~ Day 10

Exit Glacier.
Stellar Sea Lion fishing at the docks just before our cruise.
Bald Eagle. Puffins. Humpback whale.
Whale watching.
Aialik Glacier.
Playful, surfing dall porpoises.
Puffin Rookery. Believe it or not, all the white spots are birds.
Stellar sea lion harem.
Window rock. What a cute husband have I. Bald eagle.
Two sea otters playing.
After the cruise, 21:30.
Waiting on Seward beach for the fireworks at 00:15.
Can barely tell, but these kids were fascinated by the dead bird at their feet.
Randal skipping rocks.
Awaiting 4th of July Fireworks.
Click pic for movie clip.
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