Orange Beach, AL: 27April03 - 2May03

Beth and Emily snoozing.Jeremy and a fussy Emily on the beach.
Randal supervising Jacob.Jacob and Jeremy playing on the beach.
Jeremy trying to steal Jacob's shovel behind his back.Beach Diva Emily.
Most peole are content to go to the beach and build sand castles.But not Jeremy, he has to reconstruct the pyramids.
Jacob attempting to empty the Gulf, one shovel-full at a time.Still under construction.
Jeremy gleams over his masterpiece while secretly worrying that Jacob is getting too close.Pretty Sailboat.
Same sailboat, with bird (what a difference photoshop makes).After a long while of fussing, all it takes is an umbrella pole to please her.
Jeremy's Pyramid and his and Randal's Sea Turtle, as seen from our sixth floor balcony.Now, is hide-n-go-seek really fair when you're counting in the mirror?
Uh oh, looks like she found me.Jeremy and Beth before going to dinner for their 4th wedding anniversary, April 27.
It sure looked difficult to crawl with a pillow, but she was happy.Emily crawls at the camera.
Ah, to be young and amused by counter chairs......and bewildered by how to get out.
It would have been a full family picture but that poor Jacob kept getting tired so early.J'Lynn and Randal (wow, is that the first pic of us?).
Closer pic of us.

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