2nd Honeymoon ~ Germany ~ Day 4

Egmond am Zee, the North Sea.
Egmond am Zee, the North Sea.
Shadow Lovers. Me and my hubby.
Me and Randal. Monstrous snails on a wall. Yellow tulip field.
Tulip fields of Holland. Red tulip.
Tulip fields. Pink tuilip field with windmill. Maroon tulip field.
Blue tulip field. My favorite tulip pic.
Maroon tulip. Randal: "I need a picture of my beautiful flower with all these others." Brownie points for him!
Working windmill. Khaki Campbell. Sheep grazing by a windmill.
Randal in front of windmill. Fringed white tulip. Windmill.
Archimedian screw. Windmill canal. Mechanisms in the cap.
This huge wooden cog turns the whole cap. Khaki Campbell with Mallard hiding in grass. Khaki Campbell.
Pink tulip. Orange and yellow tulip.
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