2nd Honeymoon ~ Germany ~ Day 6

Tulips in Regensburg. Regensburg Cathedral.
Streets of Regensburg. Regensburg Cathedral. The gate leading into Dachau Concentration Camp.
"Work Makes Free"
The gate. Dachau was the Nazi's first Concentration Camp. "May the example of those who were exterminated here between 1933-1945 because they resisted Nazizm help to unite the living for the defence of peace and freedom and in respect for their fellow men." Photo taken by American soldier when approaching the camp for the liberation.
"Never Again" Flowers left in memorium. "Ashes of the Unknown Concentration Camp Prisoner"
Bunkers, enough to sleep 60 in each room - they slept 250 in each room. Bunker sinks.
Bunker commodes. Memorial art. Guardhouse.
Randal walking down the path, which used to be lined with bunkers. Old bunker footing with memorial flowers. Polish Orthadox memorial.
Jewish memorial. "Crematorium. Remember as we died here." Old crematorium.
Part 1 of death house - fumigation chamber for clothes. Part 2 of death house - stand naked in this room to wait for "shower". Part 3 of death house - gas chamber disguised as shower room.
Fake shower-head in ceiling. Fake shower-drains in floor. Gas tablet drop slot in wall.
Part 4 of death house was a body stacking room.
Part 5 of death chamber - new, larger capacity crematorium.
Gas tablet drop slot from the outside.
Photos of stacked bodies. Huge chimney coming from back of crematorium. Ash pit out back of crematorium.
"Grave of Thousands Unknown" "Do Not Forget" Photo of prisoners standing for roll call.
Aerial view of entire camp.   Randal pointing to the part we saw.
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