2nd Honeymoon ~ Germany ~ Day 7

Schwangau Valley - Bavarian Germany.
Church. Neuschwanstein from a distance.
Neuschwanstein from town. Hohenschwangau from town. Wild escargot.
Slug. Back turret of Neuschwanstein. View of town from front gate.
Front gate from outside. A front turret. Front of main castle from lower courtyard.
Front gate from inside lower courtyard.
Upper courtyard. Randal and me. Me posing with a beautiful door.
Me and Randal each with Mary's Bridge and waterfall in background. Looking down on daddy's castle.
Hohenshwangau seen from interior window. View of Mary's Bridge and waterfall from the king's bedroom.
View of courtyard from inside castle. View of bridge and waterfall from window. View from Neuschwanstein.
Mary's Bridge and waterfall. Randal and me at waterfall. Rear view of Neuschwanstein.
View of Hohenschwangau with surroundings. Hohenschwangau from near Mary's Bridge. Neuschwanstein from near Mary's Bridge.
Looking down on waterfall from Mary's Bridge. Neuschwanstein from Mary's Bridge.
Neuschwanstein from Mary's Bridge. Hohenschwangau from mountain above Neuschwanstein.
Schwangau Valley from hiking trail. Neuschwanstein from hiking trail.
Me and Randal high above the castles. Size perspective.
Just pretty. Randal crossing scary Mary's Bridge. Neuschwanstein from the bridge.
The Cinderellaesque turrets.
Neuschwanstein from parking lot. Flower. Hohenschwangau from parking lot.
Randal at Hohenschwangau. Gate to fountain. Swan fountain.
Randal in front of bath. Bath completely carved from rock, running hot/cold water.
Lion fountain. Coat of Arms. Hohenschwangau turet.
Exterior decoration. Man holding swans fountain. Randal at Mary's Fountain.
Hohenschwangau. Mary's Fountain. Looking up at son's castle.
Randal and me at Hohenschwangau. Pretty Schwangau lake. Randal at lake.
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