2nd Honeymoon ~ Germany ~ Day 8

Driving through the Alps in Austria.
Poor nekkid sheep, somebody stole their clothes. And so cold out too.
In the Alps.
Alps. Church in the Alps. Waterfall in the Alps.
Small Alpen waterfall. Austrian Alps.
Alps and snow all around us. Incredibly high waterfall.
Looking up at the Alps in Switzerland. Lake Constance, Swiss side looking toward Austrian side.
Loons on Lake Constance. Mallard on the rocks. Lake Constance, Swiss side looking toward German side.
Lake Constance. Ducks! This mallard has the prettiest near-blue head.
Flower. Hiding blue-head mallard. Swiss cherry orchards.
Swiss landscape/orchards. Lake Constance.
Swiss orchards. Lake Constance. Tourist trap, didn't bother.
Wood carver. Santa. Randal towering over Smart Car.
A german rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
I think I like this one best. Street/clocktower of small german town. Our home for the night.
Old married people.   Newlyweds.
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